Ongoing writing projects:

  • The Wandering Writer

    • Personal blog focusing on travel, grief, and dating.

  • On the Veranda Literary Journal, Editor (this journal is on an indefinite hiatus)

    • An online literary journal that features writing from the South, about the South, or by southern authors (native or transplant). Published monthly.

Published Works

  • “The Dos and Don’ts of Traveling with Your Tinder Date” (essay)

    The Tishman Review (April 2019 issue)

  • “An Interview with Professor Jimmy Choo” (article)

    Expat Life in Thailand (February/March issue)

  • “E.Quality Talks and Thai Consent” (article)

    Expat Life in Thailand (February/March issue)

  • “Same Same, But Different: An Experienced Expat on Culture Shock in Thailand” (article)

    Dope Magazine

  • “Family Resemblance” (article)

    Expat Life in Thailand (Aug/Sept Issue)

  • "The Danish Ambassador And His Wife: H.E. Mr Uffe Wolffhechel And Mrs Susie Ruff" (article)

         Expat Life in Thailand (Print and Online. Aug/Sept Issue)

  • "The Dating Game: Wandering Through The Man Desert" (essay)

         Expat Life in Thailand (Print and Online. June/July Issue)

  • "Do I Really Want My Dates to Read My Writing?" (essay)

          Electric Literature

  • "Looking for Armadillos" (poem)

          Rockvale Review (Issue Two)

  • "Going It Alone in Bangkok" (essay)

          Expat Life in Thailand (Print and Online. April/May Issue)

  • "How Tinder Boosted My Self-Esteem" (essay)

          The Urban Dater

  • "Tear Gas: A Love Story" (essay)

          The Flexible Persona (Print. Spring 2017, the Ken Issue)

  • "It Hurts to Look" (essay)

         Gravel Magazine (March 2017 Issue)

  • "Marshland Tenant" and "Sand Dollar" (poems)

         Poetry Pacific (Autumn Issue 2016)

  • "What to Bring to a Funeral" (fiction)

         Exit 271: Your Georgia Writers Resource (summer 2016 issue - published by the Georgia Writers Association)

  • "Stormy Seas" (essay)

          The 3288 Review (Print. Issue 1.4) - a copy can be purchased on Amazon

  • How I See the Humans by Gretchen VanWormer (book review)

          Heavy Feather Review

  • "Prescription for Stress" (essay)

          Folia Literary Magazine (Winter 2016 Issue)

  • "Calorie Counting Kept Me Isolated - A Story About Orthorexia" (article)

          The Purple Fig (Published January 2016)

  • "The Marshes of Glynn" revised (nonfiction)

          Wraparound South (Published January 2016 - Winter/Spring 2016 Issue)

  • "Leave No Trace" (fiction)

          Kaaterskills Basin Literary Journal (Published January 2016 - Winter 2016 Issue 1.1)

  • "The Day I Die" (flash nonfiction)

          The Flash Fiction Press (Published November 2015)

  • "Contract Negotiations: It's All About Protecting Yourself" (article)

          Meeting Professionals International - Chicago Area Chapter (Published September 2015)

  • “I Can Be a Feminist and Watch Submissive Porn” (essay)

    The Huffington Post (Published September 2014)

  • “I am a Feminist and I Watch Porn Made for Men” (essay)

    The Purple Fig (Published Fall 2014)

  • "Below the Belt" (nonfiction)

         The Smoking Poet (Published Summer 2013)

  • "The Marshes of Glynn" (nonfiction)

         The Smoking Poet (Published Summer 2011)