Finding Time to Write

Moving to Colorado for the summer has not given me the opportunity to write like I thought it would. How do professional writers do it? Or rather, how do budding writers do it? I know how professional writers find time to write -- it's their job! That's all they have to do. Aspiring writers, however? How do they find the time to write prolifically when they also need time for a job to pay the bills?

I came out to Estes Park at the beginning of May to work as a front desk clerk for a local hotel. I was only supposed to be here from May to mid-August, but it looks like that is changing as this place is too dramatic to handle. The management is horrendous, the guests are practically demonic, and it's only a matter of time before some unwanted furry creatures start roaming the halls of the staff dormitory (and I'm not talking about the cute and cuddly kind!). My goal for the summer was to spend the time working, writing, and exploring. I am a below-sea-level girl so the chance to spend some time at 7,500+ feet enthralled me. However, my hours at work and the exhausting drama have given me very little time to do anything expect take a four-mile stroll around a neighboring lake every other day.

How did writers like Stephen King, James Patterson, Zora Neal Hurston, or even Stephanie Meyer start out? How did they find the time to sit and write for hours on end? I've tried waking up early to write. I've tried going to a local coffee shop to write. Thus far I have produced one Millennimist, edited a website for a client, and written two posts for my steady freelance gig. Have I written anything for myself? Have I written anything for my grad school thesis? No.

How do I find the time for my own writing, but still make enough money to support myself? Or should I just submit myself to the reality of the starving artist? Since I'm currently sharing a bedroom with a roommate and eating meals out of a rice cooker, I feel like I'm already there.